I’ve never been more thankful on Thanksgiving, and it’s my most difficult Thanksgiving.

I woke to a guy who grinds his teeth in the night and snores. He is one of my roommates, but he’s a nice guy. I’ll be out of hostel life soon.

I’m in a city that is cold and I have few friends here, it’s considerably warmer where I’m moving to, and the friendships I have are solid with new ones on the way.

My dinner alone won’t be anything special for me, but it will be good as my mother didn’t raise any bad cooks.

I’m missing family and friends who I haven’t seen in years – knowing I’ll never see many of them again, and I’m good at having memorable moments with whomever I’m fortunate enough to get to know wherever I am.

Lots of disappointments in the last year stem from being cancelled by people I thought I knew and trusted, I know the people in and out of my life much better, and I’m ready to accept those who dropped me when they are ready to make that choice.

It’s been a grueling couple of years that has taxed me physically and mentally, but I still have my health and intestinal fortitude – and the ability to maintain it.

The hardest part… I’m thousands of miles away from the woman and family I love dearly and had to leave behind in Vietnam. It will likely be a long, difficult, and exasperating time before I see them again, and I’m determined to make that happen. You can read more about it here: https://lutherbeckett.com/leaving_vietnam/

Friends, some family, acquaintances, and strangers have my back. I’ve never felt so fortunate.