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“You really should be writing this down, dear.”

On Halloween 1987, in New York City, I met my future ex-wife’s parents. Her dad was a history professor and a warm intelligent man. Her mom was an educated/studious/knowledgeable, classy lady with a beautiful speaking voice. We were at her daughter’s outdoor gig that crisp October night.

There was plenty of time for conversation, and I couldn’t resist her mother. She stole my attention. I’m a chatterbox who loves telling stories from life, and I had an attentive and attractive audience. After some time speaking together,  she said; “You really should be writing this down, dear.” I think of that often.

Later that night, her daughter and I got into a scuffle with four drunk British investment banker types over a taxi. At one point, the two of us were beating them with my guitar – using it like a battering ram. We got in the cab. My door was flung open and my ex pulled me from an executive dress boot that was coming for my face. I grabbed the assailant on his retreat – repeatedly crushing his seemingly disembodied Armani-suited arm in the door of the cab. In the heat of battle, I relished the sight of the flailing appendage as it struggled to be free. We got the better of them – and got away.

Since that night, countless people have told me something very much like ‘You need to write a book. I’ll buy it.’

I’m here to post my observations from a life rich in experiences. I have some information to share. Mostly, I love to tell stories – and I’ve had a steady stream of requests over the years. For some odd reason, some people want to know what I’m doing with myself. This site is for passing that along too.

Items posted include original articles, interviews, and short stories. I’ve also included reposts of important information that I’ve stumbled onto in my time.

Please feel free to browse through and find something for you. Or not.

I’m not here to twist arms.

This is a non-fiction site.

If you want to contact me for any reason, please use the ‘Contact‘ form.