“You really should be writing this down, dear.”

On Halloween 1987, in New York City, I met my future ex-wife’s mom. Classy lady with a beautiful speaking voice. We were at her daughter’s gig. There was plenty of time for conversation, and I’m a chatterbox who loves telling stories from life. Pretty soon she said “You really should be writing this down, dear.” I think of that often.

Later that night, her daughter and I got into a scuffle with four British investment banker types over a taxi. At one point we were beating them with my guitar. We got the better of them – and got away. But that’s another story, and I’ll write it very soon.

Here to post my observations from a rich life full of experiences – and looking for reasons to hope for the future in bleak times.

Details will come out in stories as this is a non-fiction site. Check the ‘Posts‘ section.

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